Welcome to my coaching page. I am a UK Athletics licensed and UESCA qualified (ultra running)coach who can help you improve your running on road or trail. I offer bespoke online coaching that won’t feel like online coaching. This is because I only coach a small number of athletes (max 10) and this allows me to give you the attention I want to give and feel you need.

Why would you need a coach though? Here are a few reasons:

  • You have a race you want to do well in
  • You have a challenge that needs specific training
  • You are coming back from Injury
  • You want to improve your running
  • You are post-partum and want help coming back safely
  • You want help finding direction and goals with your running

There are many more reasons, and everyone is individual. The one key word here is “you” and this is my ethos as a coach, I promise to always put your needs first. It is my responsibility as a coach to help you.

How does it work?

You can use the contact me page to send me a message. I will then arrange a call with you to discuss what your reasons for having a coach are and your goals. We’ll discuss the monthly fee, which is more affordable than you think. If you wish to go to the next stage I will send you an assessment form. This isn’t a test, more just a record of where you are when we start the journey together. It will help me asses where you have been and where you are at.

Next, I will start working on a plan for you. I do this using training peaks software. I pay for a coaching licence; you can use it for free. I use this software to plan your work outs and sessions. It allows you to give feedback and, on some watches, it will even load the session direct to it, so you don’t have to worry about remembering the times of each rep. We can also use this software to track your progress, periods and put in goals. 

The plans that I create are bespoke to you, your life and needs. If we are going to be successful, then it has to work around your life. You have to do the work though as I can’t run those intervals for you.

What about communication?

I offer unlimited (within reason) WhatsApp chat. This means you can ask questions, whenever you like. I also like to do regular calls, where we can discuss anything from kit to strategy to motivation. I want to help you at every possible stage of the journey so that you can achieve your goals.

If you are ready to take the next step, drop me a message and I’ll let you know if I have a spot available.


Jon’s been my coach since I returned to running postpartum and has made me a far better runner than I was pre-baby. He’s the perfect balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone, but also keeps me sensible. He is the reason I got my sub-4 in the marathon; I wouldn’t have got there without his guidance. Fitting my training around work and a toddler isn’t the easiest, but he’s really adaptable when life gets in the way and things need to be moved. If you’re serious about improving your running, want someone who’s approachable and inspiring – then Jon’s your guy!

I couldn’t be happier for the coaching I get from Jon! Within just a couple of months of following his plan I got a 5minute half marathon PB (taking my time down to 1:49) and managed significant miles with no injury problems. Jon not only provides a varied training plan of easy pace, intervals, track sessions, he also incorporates strength training and one to one coaching calls to help with the mental side of running and races – this for me was great! Jon is a supportive coach and always willing to work with you to achieve your goals. Thank you!

I joined Jons coaching as a last attempt at getting a sub 4 Road marathon and had Berlin in my sights. I was getting injured and could never quite stick to a plan, let alone doing fancy workouts such as intervals,hills, different paces. Jon helped me and coached me through the different workouts and also finally got me at a track session!! ( first time since school) i slowly realised how to follow a plan ( im a nightmare!) and started enjoying the worry free element of someone else programming my runs. Following the 4 months, i got a half marathon pb and got that sub 4. Nearly got sub 3.45!
Having worked with Jon i knew that i wanted to get onto trails. I have limited confidence and having someone with hands on experience of the trails was amazing. We went out on the trails, helped with route finding and i can’t quite believe it when I say this, but I completed my first 50k and then 50 miler with Jon as my coach. It was something I never thought i could achieve. Hes patience, flexibility around my job and building my confidence was second to none. I have been so lucky to run with him on these trails and learn about everything, food, nutrition, hillls hills hills, equipment, shoes, dos and don’ts. I wouldn’t have been an ultra runner had it not been for his encouragement, careful planning of routes and putting up with my moaning when things didn’t always go to plan. Still in shock that my confidence went from running in road shoes on a winters muddy day in the  trails to running a 50 miler ( during a pandemic) with no injuries. 

Coming back from covid and being out of the running game for some time, I set my sights high and entered an ultramarathon;  the Grand Tour of Skiddaw. 44 miles in the Lake District with a mountain climb in the middle! I had 16 weeks to prepare for it and struggling through 5ks around the block I knew the help of a coach is what I needed. I went to Jon because of his trail and mountain race experience and the fact that I knew I’d be getting an individualised plan designed for me, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Jon really listened to my goals, worked my plan around my job and other life commitments and gradually built my distances up week by week. He got me strong for the climbs, some speed back in my legs and best of all, got that endurance back for me. Jon helped me with kit planning, route plotting and also gave me top tips for pole use. I was taken aback by the amount of support he provided and am so grateful because he got me to that finish line way within my time goal and in one strong piece! Thanks Jon!